I am Thanos Tsouanas and I'm not working on this website these days. I don't think that it will soon be complete! Enjoy your stay...

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Due to popular demand, I have quickly made some of the songs available for download. Feel free to download them and let me know what you think.


Creative Commons License All songs are licensed, under the same license:
This music free to share under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License.

Photographic Material

All photographs on this website were shot by Giorgos Kapetanakis, a great friend and photographer. You must ask for his permission before you even look at them. No wait, actually, I mean before using them or publishing them elsewhere.

Download music

The following songs are available in mp3 format. Please note that they are copyrighted material. You are free to listen to them and share them with your friends, however. For more information, read the Creative Commons license above.

Otan (Draft version)

This is a song with greek lyrics (PDF) of my own, which I quickly recorded at my home-studio with Iraklis Horaitis. Excuse the bad quality and the poor performance. Expect the normal, complete version of this song to be ready sometime during 2006. All instruments by me, singing by Iraklis Horaitis. Some whispers and cries, also by me.

The lyrics are pretty much under the same Creative Commons Licence.

Promised Piano

Instrumental piece of soundtrack music for one Piano, which I wrote during the Fall of 2004. Recorded at Sierra Studios, Piano performed by me.


I wrote this song for a computer game called Hero Quest 6, for a magical scene with fairies. All instruments performed by me.

Thanos Tsouanas and the BiG Nosed Ants
The Play: Based on a false Story

I will add more information about this piece soon. Also available in a lower quality, much smaller OGG file.


No time for any kind of comment. Just listen to it. Oh, it's FAR from being complete.

Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Hellas"

This, taken from my band Sians, is a song from our promo 2003, with poetry of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Again, all instruments by me, singing by Iraklis Horaitis.

Frogs in the Fifth City of Le

...With a metal flavor, for the fun of it!

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For now, you can find more about my Band, Sians, at where you can download more songs that are not available here. For my mathematical and computer interests, you may visit my personal website at

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